Oleksii Kliukin

Oleksii Kliukin speaker at PGDay.IT 2018.

With the talks “PostgreSQL Database-as-a-Service with Kubernetes”, Oleksii Kliukin will be at PGDay.IT edition 2018.

For this edition of PGDay.IT we decided to get to know our Speakers a little more, by asking three simple questions.

Oleksii, how did you approach PostgreSQL

I had a brief encounter with PostgreSQL 7.3 in my short stint as a system administrator. Afterwards I switched my role to become a C developer and started working on the PostgreSQL binary replication system, at that time based on PostgreSQL 7.4 (and long before we’ve got streaming replication in the PostgreSQL core).

That was a challenge, but also a lot of fun; I am very grateful for that opportunity, as it let me discover the most amazing side of PostgreSQL: people behind it.

Oleksii, why did you decide to participate at PGDay.IT?

In March 2018 I’ve been visiting Melbourne, Australia and had a pleasure to speak to the Melbourne PostgreSQL user group meetup, organised by Andrea Cucciniello and Gabriele Bartolini. They kindly pointed me to the PGDay.IT event and luckily there was still some time left before the deadline to submit my talk.

Oleksii, could you tell us three adjectives to define and recommend PostgreSQL?

How about ‘Open, Performant, Trustworthy’?

About Oleksii Kliukin

Oleksii is a Database Engineer at Zalando, managing a vast amount of data Zalando stores in PostgreSQL databases and building tools to make this process easier. He is an occasional PostgreSQL contributor, and co-organiser of the Berlin PostgerSQL meetup group.

Talk: PostgreSQL Database-as-a-Service with Kubernetes

Benacus room: 4,05 pm - Language: English - Complexity: Intermediate

Kubernetes is emerging as a standard open-source platform to quickly roll out containerised applications, automatically manage resources and provide universal abstractions for the hardware/cloud layer, but …

Can we take advantage of it for deploying and running PostgreSQL databases?

The answer is yes, and we at Zalando have developed open-source tools to help you with that task.

In this talk I will explain how we embraced Kubernetes at Zalando to run our staging and production databases, avoiding commercial solutions lock-in and saving costs. I will describe the benefits and pitfalls of running production databases on Kubernetes and, finally, show open-source tools we have built for application developers to deploy and manage PostgreSQL clusters by writing short manifests describing a few essential properties of the result.

More information and updates about Oleksii Kliukin are available on his social media channels:

Twitter: @hintbits

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