Denis Gasparin

Denis Gasparin speaker at PGDay.IT 2018.

With the talks “PostgreSQL Tips & Tricks” and “Machine Learning with PostGreSQL”, Denis Gasparin will be at PGDay.IT 2018 edition.

For this edition of PGDay.IT we decided to get to know our Speakers a little more, by asking three simple questions.

Denis, how did you approach PostgreSQL

I approached PostgreSQL in 2001 when, having to choose a DBMS for a new project, I was looking for a database server supporting referential integrity and the ability to execute DDL in transaction. I did choose PostgreSQL 7.1 and since then I used PostgreSQL on all the projects I have developed.

Denis, why did you decide to participate at PGDay.IT?

I attended the Italian PGDay since the first edition. Since 2014 I partecipated as a speaker, the first time with a lightning talk (I invite everyone to prepare at least one!) and then with several talks on the use of PostgreSQL.

Denis, could you tell us three adjectives to define and recommend PostgreSQL?

Simple, safe and scalable … without forgetting its fantastic community!

About Denis Gasparin

Computer Engineer since 2001 with extensive experience in PostgreSQL both systemic and programming and web development (PHP and Javascript in particular).

The open source world has contributed over the years to developing parts of the PHP / PDO driver for PostgreSQL and started the PgRepUp project for PostgreSQL replication and upgrade using PgLogical.

Talk: PostgreSQL Tips & Tricks

Benacus room: 10,00 am - Language: Ialiano - Complexity: Beginner

PostgreSQL, in addition to being a complete and reliable database, reserves many surprises and ‘hidden’ features that we will discover in this talk.

In particular we’ll discover:

• some “unconventional” data types

• extravagant queries

• psql for brave elephants

• precious indices

• unique extensions

Intrigued? Do not miss this talk, you will be surprised at what our Elephant can do!

Talk: Machine Learning with PostgreSQL

Riva room: ore 16,50 pm - Language: Ialiano - Complexity: Intermediate

Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and many others offer software and libraries for Machine Learning.

And what PostgreSQL can do?

The talk will cover MADLib installation and some usage examples for natural language analysis.

More information and updates about Denis Gasparin are available on his social media channels:

Twitter: @rtshome - GitHub: rtshome - Linkedin: Denis Gasparin

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