Ivan Novick

Ivan Novick speaker at PGDay.IT 2018.

With the talks “Greenplum Database: Evolving advances analytics on Postgres”, Ivan Novick will be at PGDay.IT 2018 edition.

For this edition of PGDay.IT we decided to get to know our Speakers a little more, by asking three simple questions.

Ivan, how did you approach PostgreSQL

For me PostgreSQL is a way to store and analyze structured and semi-structured data. SQL is a language that is natural for exploring and analyzing sets of well curated and organized data and open source is what makes SQL available to the world.

Ivan, why did you decide to participate at PGDay.IT?

To support the community in Italy. Pivotal (my employer) has a number of database customers in Italy and I would like to help grow the open source database and analytics community around PostgreSQL in Italy. Happy to help support it and also to learn new things myself.

Ivan, could you tell us three adjectives to define and recommend PostgreSQL?

Data Integrity, Analytics, Performance!

About Ivan Novick

I joined Greenplum in November 2009 as a 100 person startup. The company was acquired by EMC in July 2010 and became an independent division of EMC Corporation. In 2013 Pivotal was and Greenplum Database became a product made and supported by Pivotal. From 2014 to now, leading the Greenplum Database product as the primary product manager. Working closely with our customers and R&D team guide the overall product direction and market strategy. Continuing effort to improve the product, continual agile releases, increase market share and make our customers successful. Driving GPDB to become the mainstream and 1 choice in the data warehouse market.

From 2013 to 2014 was a Senior Engineering Manager of one of the core R&D teams building and developing the Greenplum Database (GPDB). Team projects include cluster management software, backup and restore, extensibility, programming interfaces, and connectivity with partner products. Utilize agile practices to ensure high quality and rapid development of new functionality and features. Also involved in product strategy, customer consulting, triaging incoming defect reports and feature requests, and optimizing software development processes.

From 2009 to 2013, was lead software engineer that developed from scratch several components of the system management stack of the Data Computing Appliance. The software written was used by hundreds of large scale enterprise customers in production with minimal bugs being reported in the field. Filed 2 US Patents related to the Data Computing Appliance software stack. Prior to beginning work on the Data Computing Appliance, was primary developer of the Greenplum Command Center, implemented gpconfig tool, and led the performance analysis team for GPDB.

Talk: Greenplum Database: Evolving advances analytics on Postgres

Benacus room: 4,50 pm - Language: English - Complexity: Expert

Greenplum brings massively parallel processing to the world of PostgreSQL to enable analysis of Petabyte scale data using a standard PostgreSQL interface. This talk will explain how Greenplum enables massively parallel processing and how the future roadmap and integration with Kubernees will enable Greenplum to scale to new heights.

More information and updates about Ivan Novick are available on his social media channels:

Twitter: @NovickGreenplum - Linkedin: Ivan Novick

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