GrUSP: Media Partner PGDay.IT 2018

Welcome back GrUSP. Media Partner of PGDay.IT 2018.

Founded in 2003 as an association dedicated to the PHP world only, GrUSP has become the reference point in Italy for good practices in the world of web development. They organize informal events, conferences and meetings involving Italian and international professionals.

The GrUSP has grown over the years to reach over 1000 members, becoming in fact one of the largest European user groups of PHP; in addition to organizing events, in recent years it has started a real dissemination campaign in the area coordinating the creation of local PHP User Group (PUG) managed by the most active members.

The association has also completed several activities related to language, such as the translation of technical manuals, the drafting of books and the support of other Italian initiatives related to web development.

Every year the GrUSP organizes several events of an international nature,,,, and others that involve enthusiasts, professionals and companies in the sector coming from every corner of Italy and Europe, and also from overseas. These events represent an annual opportunity to exchange knowledge, the birth of new collaborations and opportunities for comparison.

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