Python Italia: Media Partner PGDay.IT 2018

Welcome back Python Italia APS. Media Partner of PGDay.IT 2018.

Python Italia APS is a national association that aims to help and support the diffusion and use of the Python programming language on Italian territory.

The Python community in Italy initially was so numerous and spread that was split in two communities. Finally, after several years, the two communities reunited in a single one, all about our beloved language and Django.

As a result, the group of madmen who decided to found the Python Italia APS association managed to organize in their free time several national PyCon events and in 2009 they managed to bring their BDFL GvR to Florence.

Besides the national events, the activity of the association branches into local initiatives of various dimensions and nature.

Peak event: PyCon Italia.

PyCon Italia is the national conference that gathers professionals, researchers and enthusiasts of the most beautiful programming language there is. In the splendid setting of Florence, PyCon is a weekend to learn, compare and discover.

For more than 20 years, Python has been used successfully as a programming language, in industry and in scientific research, for a variety of applications. The boundaries between users and developers have been overcome thanks to the use of a simple language, which allows to develop solutions to complex problems without having much programming experience.

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