Olakunle Olaniyi

Olakunle Olaniyi speaker at PGDay.IT 2018.

With the talks “A New Way to avoid trigger based logging in PostgreSQL”, Olakunle Olaniyi will be at PGDay.IT edition 2018.

For this edition of PGDay.IT we decided to get to know our Speakers a little more, by asking three simple questions.

Olakunle, how did you approach PostgreSQL

I was initially a database developer/administrator with primary focus on MySQL and MSSQL databases until I encounter PostgreSQL in 2011 for an open source project deployment. I have been hooked ever since - because it simply works and offers a whole new world of possibilities and flexibilities. Since then, I have grown in my usage of Postgres both in development and administration.

Olakunle, why did you decide to participate at PGDay.IT?

I have been following the different PGDAY in different countries and particularly attracted to PGDAY IT because it has over the years attracted great audience and speakers alike. So having the opportunity to participate in this day is for me a great honor. Plus I’d like to share my knowledge about my hacks in PostgreSQL as well as learn from the audience by having their feedback.

Olakunle, could you tell us three adjectives to define and recommend PostgreSQL?

Simple, but elegant!

About Olakunle Olaniyi

Olakunle Olaniyi is a Database Administrator with great interests in database technologies (old and new). He’s got experience in different database systems but die hard junky of PostgreSQL. Besides databases, he also passes some of his time developing in python.

Talk: A New Way to avoid trigger based logging in PostgreSQL

Riva room: 10 am - Language: English - Complexity: Intermediate

Logging events in databases has been around for ages and we have been more than used to the traditional way of doing so using triggers. In this talk, I’d be glad to show how database logging trascends beyond using triggers and turn to the not so new Logical decoding in PostgreSQL. Thanks to Logical Decoding, log tables can now be moved to a different database servers where cheaper hardware could be deployed for not so critical log tables. Beyond just logging , Logical Decoding also allows for all other exciting usage like Data warhousing ETL processes , data pipelines, queuing and the rest.

More information and updates about Olakunle Olaniyi are available on his social media channels:

Twitter: @mikkywright

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