Riccardo Magliocchetti

Riccardo Magliocchetti speaker at PGDay.IT 2018.

With the talks “Visualizza i tuoi dati con Superset”, Riccardo Magliocchetti will be at PGDay.IT edition 2018.

For this edition of PGDay.IT we decided to get to know our Speakers a little more, by asking three simple questions.

Riccardo, how did you approach PostgreSQL

I approached PostgreSQL for work. The company that I worked for adopted PostgreSQL as a database to develop web applications.

Riccardo, why did you decide to participate at PGDay.IT?

I decided to participate in PGDay.IT because it seems to me an excellent opportunity to share with the Italian community of PostgreSQL. I hope that my presentation on Superset is useful for some and at the same time I hope to learn new things from the other attendees.

Riccardo, could you tell us three adjectives to define and recommend PostgreSQL?
  • Robust, it has always behaved reliably and predictably
  • Flexible, in addition to the functionality of SQL relational database, there are many extensions to extend its functionality. For example, to work with geographic data, do full text search, etc.
  • Always updated, each release is enriched with interesting features. For example, all the new functions for the management of JSONB
About Riccardo Magliocchetti

Riccardo is a pythonista, a free software developer and a moviegoer.

Talk: Visualizza i tuoi dati con Superset

Benacus room: 3 pm - Language: Italian - Complexity: Intermediate

We have written them in a PostgreSQL database to keep our data safe. But to analyze them? Superset! Superset is an open source platform that allows you to create dynamic views of data without writing a line of code. We will see what are the features and capabilities of Superset and how we can use it to explore and display data from a database.

More information and updates about Riccardo Magliocchetti are available on his social media channels:

Twitter: @rmistaken - GitHub: xrmx

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