Emerasoft con EDB Partner PGDay.IT 2018

Welcome Emerasoft! New Partner of PGDay.IT 2018

Emerasoft in partnership with EDB for the first time in support of the Italian community dedicated to PostgreSQL and at the promotion of PGDay.IT 2018.

Thanks for joining us! We hope this is just the beginning of a long collaboration.

We asked Cristiano Motta, Board Member & BU Director, the reason why Emerasoft decided to accompany us in this new adventure becoming Diamond Partner of PGDay.IT 2018. Here it is the answer:

Since its inception, Emerasoft Group has been scouting and supporting the best Open Source technologies for the future. Today, we consider PostgreSql the long-term leading Open Source RDBMS solution and together with EnterpriseDB we offer the Enterprise-level solution for PostgreSql. After several projects, Emerasoft and EntepriseDB together decided to become supporters of PGDay italy

About Emerasoft

Founded in 2005 Emerasoft is formed by a team with specialized skills in various sectors of the IT business. Our different experiences reflect in our ability to face heterogeneous and complex problems in a professional and efficient way.

The ability to produce and select state-of-the-art technologies and establish continuous collaboration agreements in the exploration of frontier areas of application development, stimulate and challenge us to continue a path of excellence and quality.

Our commitment is in the constant search of the best solution for the customer, guaranteeing excellence in the quality of services and offered products. We promise to carry out our work with constancy and passion.

Mission: We are committed to the research and use of agile methodologies and tools able to foster the growth of new and more effective Business and Development models at reduced costs and investments.”

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